Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai Full Detail 2022

Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai
Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai

Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai

Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai

Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai: Hello friends, welcome once again. Today we will tell you complete information about Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai and Kaise Kaam Karta Hai. After knowing which you will get answers to all your questions, what is this Arogya Setu app and for what it has been launched.

Let us tell you one thing here there is a very big reason behind launching the Arogya Setu app which is COVID-19. You know that in today’s time millions of people all over the world have come under the grip of this disease. In India too, this figure has gone into lakhs.

In view of this, the Government of India has started an app, named Arogya Setu App. Let us know in detail what is Arogya Setu App is and how it is used.

Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai Explaination

Friends, Arogya Setu App has been recently launched by the Government of India. Which is a health app. The main purpose of this app is to provide you with information about Covid-19 Case. Arogya Setu App provides you with information related to the Covid-19 case about every state and district of India.

Arogya Setu App provides you absolutely accurate information, as it is provided by the Health Department, Government of India. You can use this app in more than 10 Indian languages ​​and more Indian languages ​​are being added to it in future. So that people living in any region in India can use this app easily.

At present, more than 120 million Indians are using the Arogya Setu app. The purpose of this app is to provide accurate information to you. Because you would know how much false news is spread on social media. From above, this Covid-19 has become an epidemic. That is why the Indian government does not want at all that any Indian should have to face trouble due to false rumours at this critical time.

How to Download Aarogya Setu App

Friends, to download the Arogya Setu app, you have to first go to the Play Store if you are an Android user. Then you have to search Aarogya Setu. Here you have to pay attention because there are many such apps similar to the Arogya Setu app on the Play Store, which has been made by ordinary people.

That is why you have to download the official Arogya Setu app only. You first check the review and rating of the app, then download it with satisfaction. After downloading install that app. If you are an iOS user, then you have to download the Arogya Setu app from the App Store.

Aarogya Setu App Kaise Kaam Karta Hai

Friends Arogya Setu App is a health app. As soon as you download and install this app, then this app asks you to turn on Bluetooth and Location. If you want to use the Arogya Setu app, then both these things have to be kept on at all times. Because it is a tracking app.

The Aarogya Setu app asks all users to turn on location and Bluetooth. There is also a reason behind this, when this location is turned on, it tells you whether there is a Covid-19 positive person near you or not. Because the Arogya Setu app keeps the health data of all the users with it.

In the Arogya Setu app, you are told what things we should take care of in this difficult time. In this application, you have been given instructions on what you should and should not do. In this application, you are also given a helpline number and with the help of this app, you can do your checkup by answering those questions.

The amazing thing about the Arogya Setu app is that you can find out within a radius of 500m, 1km, 2km, 5km, 10km with the help of location from the Arogya Setu app, how many people are safe and how many people are Covid-19 positive. At the same time, we can also find out how many people are using the Arogya Setu app in our circle.

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How to Register in Aarogya Setu App

Come friends, let us know how we can register in the Arogya Setu app, which is very easy. You just have to read and understand this information carefully. Let us know how to register.

  • To register in the Arogya Setu app, you first have to go to the Play Store and download and install this app.
  • You have to open the Arogya Setu app and select the language. After that click on the Next button.
  • Now some information will be provided in front of you, in which you will be shared some things related to the app. You must read it. After that you have to click on Register Now.
  • Now you have to carefully read the Term of Service and Privacy Policy Condition information of this app and click on the Agree button.
  • Now you have to enter your mobile number and at the same time get OTP verified. Which is very easy.
  • For this you are asked some personal information like name, age etc. After filling all your personal details carefully, your registration is successful.

Benefits of Aarogya Setu App

Friends, let us know what are benefits we can get by using the Arogya Setu App. So that we can avoid Kovid-19. Let’s know.

  • With the help of the Arogya Setu App, you can find out the Kovid-19 positive case of India and any state and district. Along with this, one can see the total deaths in India, the number of Kovid-19 positive and cured people.
  • Friends, you can use more than ten Indian languages ​​in the Arogya Setu app. No matter where you are in any region of India, you can run this app easily.
  • You can also get your test done in the Arogya Setu app. All you have to do is provide correct information about yourself, such as gender, age, foreign travel, illness. After this, you are told whether you are right or not.
  • In this app, you have been told how to isolate, what you should and should not do at the time of isolation. Along with this, information about social distance has been provided.
  • Friends, with the help of location, through the Arogya Setu app, you can find out whether there is any Kovid-19 positive around you or not. You can see between 500m to 10km from your location whether anyone around us is Kovid-19 positive or not.
  • Friends, now we are going to tell you something which is very important. We would suggest that you must use the Arogya Setu app launched by the Government of India. Because it is very important for us that an epidemic like Kovid-19 has wreaked havoc all over the world and lakhs of people have been handed over to death.

The lives of millions of people are in danger. In India too, this epidemic of Kovid-19 is increasing very fast. That is why whatever is being done by the Government of India, it is being done for us only. We should follow that and also follow social distance. This is the cure for this disease.

Stay in your homes and don’t leave the house unless there is important work. Because this Kovid-19 spreads from one to another and is spreading all over India. Even in today’s time, no vaccine has been made for it. That is why we should also go a step ahead and support the government.

Make sure to use this app so that you can keep getting information about Kovid-19 sitting at home. We do not need to panic today. Till now lakhs of people have come out of the grip of this disease in India and have become completely healthy. We do not have to panic, we have to work with restraint. At the same time, do not pay attention to the rumours here and there.


Friends, we hope that you have liked the information of today’s Aarogya Setu App Kya Hai and Kaise Kaam Karta Hai. Together we have told you how the Arogya Setu App works and how we can register in the Arogya Setu App. Along with this, the benefits of the Arogya Setu App have also been told. You have to go through all this today.

Friends, if you have any doubt about any information related to the Arogya Setu app, then you can ask us through the comment box. We will do our best to answer your question.

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