2nd anniversary of George Floyd Killing

Wednesday marks the second anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd, a killing that sparked months of protests and impassioned vows from Democratic lawmakers to better protect Black Americans.

Two years later, though, little has changed to help improve America's relationship between citizens and the police, or the nation's fraught race relations.

Those shortcomings were highlighted this month when an 18 yr old man is accused of traveling 100s of miles to carry out a racist massacre at a grocery store in Buffalo's predominantly Black East Side.

The man, who allegedly yelled racial epithets as he opened fire in the store and on its parking lot, killed 10 people and injured three others. Police took him into custody unharmed.

"Fascinating how civil and calm the police are arresting the man who shot and killed almost a dozen people in cold blood," one Twitter user observed.

"If they [showed] this level of respect to George Floyd for attempting to spend a fake $20 bill, he would be alive."

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