Amber Heard Denies Aquaman 2 Recast Rumors

After Aquaman ended up being DC's best independent film ever, the expectation has been high for the Jason Mamoa-drove continuation.

Amber Heard has answered a report from Just Jared that expressed the entertainer had been terminated from Aquaman 2.

TMZ got a remark on the reevaluating bits of gossip from a representative for Amber Heard, who rejected that Amber Heard had been cut from Aquaman 2.

All There are prospects Heard wouldn't yet know she will be supplanted in Aquaman 2 in the event that the choice has as of late been made.

The reports have prodded a viral blacklist of the DC spin-off, with "#boycottaquaman2" having started to drift on Twitter - an indication of the viral idea of the dissent.

Aquaman establishment, it's excessively soon to anticipate that any move against she should have previously been initiated on the rear of the decision.

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