Australian Columnist Apologizes Rebel Wilson

An Australian newspaper has removed a gossip column about Hollywood star Rebel Wilson's new romantic relationship and the writer has apologized being accused of outing the actress.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s writer received backlash when it was revealed that he had told the Pitch Perfect actress he was planning to release a story on her new relationship.

Wilson, who has only dated men publicly, came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community on June 9 as she revealed her new partner was Lemon Ve Limon founder Ramona Agruma.

On Friday, the Hustle actress, 42, shared a picture of her with her new partner, saying she had found her "Disney princess".

Meanwhile, in the latest opinion piece, journalist Andrew Hornery has admitted his fault in unintentionally pressuring Wilson to reveal her sexuality before she was ready.

“I have learnt some new and difficult lessons from this and want to be upfront with you about the things I got wrong,” he began.

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