Avatar 2 Trailer Reveals Something Unexpected

After more than a decade of waiting, Avatar: The Way of Water's trailer is finally here to take us back to the beautiful landscapes of the alien planet Pandora.

James Cameron’s highly-anticipated sequel is the first of four new movies set in the fantastic eco-friendly universe,

expected to expand the mythology the visionary filmmaker only scratched the surface of in the original 2009 release.

The trailer brings back Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri fourteen years after the first film's events, when the human explorer decided to remain forever trapped in the body of a blue alien.

Jake and Neytiri are living happily after ever, and are now the proud parents of a young blue boy.

However, peace in Pandora won’t last, as the humans are back to torment the planet, leading to a new confrontation between the invader species and the native people of Pandora.

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