Bhad Bhabie Made $50 Million on OnlyFans

Bhad Bhabie, who purchased a $6.1 million Florida mansion earlier this month, now claims she’s made $50 million on OnlyFans.

On Wednesday, the 19-year-old told TMZ that she’s made a whopping $50 million since she started an account on OnlyFans a year ago.

Bregoli recently went on Instagram Live to express her frustrations with the constant “cash me outside” references. 

She said she shared her own TikTok in response, and is now facing backlash on the platform, she claimed.

Bregoli shot to fame as a guest on the daytime talk show where she challenged host Dr. Phil McGraw to a fistfight, by uttering her now-iconic phrase.

Bregoli made more than $1 million in just several hours after publicly launching her OnlyFans.

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