Billie Eilish Opens Up on Her Goal

Billie Eilish recently talked about her views on having a family of her own as the singer expressed that becoming a mother is one of her main goals in life.

During her conversation with Sunday Times Magazine, the 20-year-old singer expressed, “[I would] rather die [than not have kids]... I need them."

The Bad Guy hitmaker anyway conceded that she 'dreads' stressing for her children when they become old.

"The older I get, the more I experience things, I just think, uuggh, what am I going to do..

..when my kid thinks that this is the right thing to do and I'm, like, no, it's not! And they won't listen to me,” she said.

Eilish also weighed in on the recent incident of shooting in schools as she said that kids should not go to school scared and prepared for such a life-changing experience.

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