Britney Spears bought $12m mansion 

Britney Spears bought $12m mansion 

Britney Spears has recently retired out one more $12 million on a brand new mansion, scarcely days after her wedding to Sam Asghari.

The wedding was also the perfect sendoff to the house, “She wanted to hold the wedding at her old home as a final hurrah to that place.”

“But this new home is not only closer to her boys, but also offers her and Sam a fresh start, a new beginning, so to speak.”

When asked about the couple’s plans for the future the insider added, “Their next focus is on having their first child together and it will happen.”

“Her close friends are beyond happy at the way that things have turned out for her and everyone believes that she deserves every bit of it for what she had to endure for years prior.”

The inside source was quoted saying, “Britney has been putting all of these changes into place for quite some time now.”

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