Jennifer Aniston Says She Felt ‘Useless’

Jennifer Aniston got real to life to share her experience of dealing with the impending film Murder Mystery 2 as the entertainer named it nothing 'testing'.

During her discussion with People magazine, the FRIENDS alum discussed shooting the continuation of the 2019 Netflix satire with Adam Sandler in the midst of the Russian attack of Ukraine.

"It was three months away from home. And that was challenging, only because I hadn't been away from my dogs since the [beginning of the] pandemic," the 53-year-old star explained.

"Also, Ukraine was a stone's throw away,” she added.

Aniston said that she felt that making a comedy movie at the time felt ‘so useless’ but she reminded herself that people need a reason to stay positive.

I reminded myself that this is what people need. People want to laugh. People need comedies. People like to not think for a minute," she said.

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