John Hersey Defends Ex Katie Thurston

After a internet troll blamed Thurston, 31, for not having the option to "get a guy," Hersey, 28, immediately bounced in to safeguard the previous Bachelorette's honor.

“You will speak a finite number of words throughout your life. I urge you to speak more kindly. Especially about someone you don’t know,” the bartender quipped in response to the comment on June 21.

“I have never been so supported or unconditionally loved by a partner. Assuming and implying that Katie is doing anything wrong does not sit right with me.”

Hersey concluded his clap back with a general plea, saying, “The internet can be a mean place  — let’s not add to it.”

Thurston first hinted at her breakup with Hersey on Monday, June 20. “Statement: No, we aren’t together,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories at the time.

Hersey confirmed the two had called it quits the next day.

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