Logan Paul Claims Jake Paul Is Broke

On a new web recording, Logan Paul guaranteed that Jake is currently "poor" investing his money in various cryptocurrencies.

The disclosure came in the midst of a conversation of Jake's funds as a general rule, similar to the $40 million he's accounted for to have made as a fighter up until this point.

and the almost $5 million he's saying he's still owed from his 2021 match with Floyd Mayweather. But according to Logan, that's all a moot point.

The crypto crash has brought Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies down to historic lows of late, so if Jake did indeed invest all of his money.

In all honesty, we don't be aware of how much Logan was overstating what is happening for amusement esteem.

On the other hand, Jake has been a vocal crypto supporter in the past, so it's a safe bet that a not insignificant portion of his assets are tied up in those types of investments.

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