most frustrating wordle ever

The word 'vouch' has stumped a number of Wordle players who struggled to work out this latest challenge and labeled Wordle 340 as the 'most frustrating wordle ever'.

 Wordle 340 on May 25 has annoyed players for a slightly different reason. 

"Wordle 340 X/6 WOW #wordle did me dirty again!!" said another player who failed to work out the puzzle.

 "Wordle 340 X/6 this wordle will be the end of me," added another.

But why did players find this challenge so tricky? It seems that a lot of players were able to work out the letters at the end of the word.

"Wordle 340 5/6 could have been 3/6 but for the leading letter," said one player.

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