Mr Bean Star Rowan Atkinson Criticises 'Cancel Culture'

Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson has emerged from on the side of joke artists, saying “it’s comedy’s job to offend anyone” while he condemned the “cancel culture”.

As indicated by Independent, the Johnny English star offered his opinion on humorists and drop culture.

“Comedians should be able to make jokes about absolutely anything,” he claimed.

Atkinson continued, “It does seem to me that the job of comedy is to offend, or have the potential to offend, and it cannot be drained of that potential.”

He further elaborated, “Every joke has a victim. That’s the definition of a joke. Someone or something or an idea is made to look ridiculous.”

The actor noted, “I think you’ve got to be very, very careful about saying what you’re allowed to make jokes about.”

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