MultiVersus is a Shockingly Good Game

If Fortnite and TikTok have taught me anything, it's that when vastly different brands and pop culture icons collide with each other it can be both dissonant and legitimately rad.

MultiVersus, which is a clever and haunting title for a mash-up free-to-play fighting game, recognizes this.

It's like scrolling through my For You page where in one clip someone tries to argue that Shrek is hot, actually,

..and in the next, a Batman knock-off jokingly paralyzes someone for a parking ticket.

The game's roster is split up into roles: assassin, ranged, bruiser, tank, and support.

Everyone can throw a punch, but each character specializes in a combat style that synergizes with an ally in its 2v2 format.

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