'RIP Twitter' Trends

Elon Musk and Twitter are in the talks to finalize a deal soon, theWall Street Journal reported on Monday, but people do not seem to be excited about a potential Musk takeover.

Monday morning, "RIP Twitter" began trending on the social media platform from people who do not want Musk to take over for fear he will make sweeping changes, as he's promised.

Notably, Musk, 50, has hinted at adding an 'edit button' and getting rid of 'spam bots'.

But the most polarizing change would come if Musk keeps his promise to take Twitter private, meaning the platform would be given more freedom to do what it pleases.

The 50-year-old has spoken about his desire to allow all voices to be heard on the platform, even those many do not agree with, like Donald Trump.

While some people are excited that Musk would bring news changes to Twitter that would reflect total free speech, others feel the platform will suffer.

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