Sasha Banks & Naomi Suspended by WWE

Banks and Naomi have been the talk of the wrestling world since Monday’s episode of Raw after walking out on the show.

The pair refused to take part in their scheduled main event match, and after discussions with Vince McMahon, decided to leave the building.

In a strange turn of events, WWE released a statement on the matter, declaring that Banks and Naomi didn’t like how they’d been treated as champions.

Banks and Naomi haven’t commented on the matter, and after releasing their statement, neither had WWE, that was until SmackDown last night.

On the show, after saying that the pair had “let us down”, Michael Cole announced that WWE had suspended Naomi and Banks indefinitely.

He also said that a tournament will take place to crown new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, suggesting the pair have been stripped of their belts.

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