The Bad Guys Movie Review

This opening scene of “The Bad Guys” is its strongest, and it offers great promise.

But the wise-cracking, fast-talking energy that was once so buoyant grows increasingly strained as the story evolves and reaches its frenzied conclusion.

“The Bad Guys” follows a group of fun-loving criminals who lean into their rap as the villains of the animal kingdom for thrills and profit.

Wolf (voiced by a smooth Rockwell) is their charismatic leader, with unmistakable shades of Danny Ocean.

The animation is colorful and lively—almost incessant, really—and the physical comedy is at its most inspired when it subtly toys with the natural instincts of these anthropomorphized creatures.

the way Snake sheds his skin mid-heist, for example, or how Tarantula walks across a fingerprinting pad when the gang gets booked into jail.

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