Travis Scott Makes Rare Public Confession for Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott opened up to the world about his rare confession of praising of commending his darling Kylie Jenner's as they apparently went through Father's Day together on Sunday.

Taking to Instagram Story, the 31-year-old hip-hop star posted a photograph of the Kylie Cosmetics tycoon from the back as she plans food in the kitchen.

Jenner looked exquisite as she wore a white tank top and got it into some splash-color pants that impeccably commended her well known figure.

“Shawty in here throwing that (expletive) down,” Scott wrote on the since-deleted photo.

The post came after the mum-of-two as of late became genuine about her post pregnancy battles as she keeps on working out to keep up with her fit body.

"NO DAYS OFF!" she captioned the video which showcased her abs as Jenner posed against dumbbells, medicine balls and yoga mats in the gym.

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