Tyler Perry Recalls Will Smith After Oscars Slap

The Slap occurrence at the Oscars by one of the best specialists ever really shook the world. After a long quietness, at last, Tyler Perry opened his mouth on this theme.

He said that Will Smith is truly feeling extremely terrible after the occasion. Also, the popular entertainer couldn't accept his own eyes when he saw the news the following day.

Smith was like how is it that he could do such crazy way of behaving freely? It was for sure an extremely disgraceful follow up on the piece of a wonderful craftsman like Will Smith to Slap.

After such countless days after The Slap occurrence at the Oscars, the news is as yet a hotly debated issue. In any case, regarding this matter, the popular entertainer Tyler Perry offered.

In the most recent meeting, Perry made sense of their current state of Will and how he should feel right presently in the wake of experiencing a restriction from the Oscars.

Chris told some wisecrack tending to Will's better half and this made the Oscar victor enraged on the double.

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