Under the Banner of Heaven Review

When Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) steps onto the crime scene of the double-homicide case that’ll swallow him up and spit him out..

...as someone possibly unrecognizable to himself, the horror of the tableaux before him is conveyed through his reactions.

We do glimpse the first body, a young mother lying face down in her kitchen in a pool of blood. Pyre girds himself before he enters the nursery.

We don’t see what he does, but his response is enough. He turns away, his eyes filled with tears. “Evil,” he whispers to himself.

Pyre takes a few moments to gather himself before exiting the formerly cozy home in the distant Salt Lake City suburbs.

Outside, a uniformed officer is even more shaken up. Ordered to start collecting evidence, he balks: “I don’t think I can go back in.”

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