Bigg Boss 15 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 15 Day 2 review 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


8.00 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Miesha and Pratik were clear all things having in past. Miesha changing her clothes. Pratik unfortunately he is in conversation and he has seen Miesha changing clothes. Pratik didn’t have bad intentions, he said to Miesha I was in a heat of the moment. and after Pratik says to Miesha I’m sorry for that but you’re alleging me wrong.

8:15 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Pratik to Karan I knowing Miesha to outside and we are very good friends a few months ago. but she is totally ignoring me. Karan to Pratik She could have maligned your reputation but her intentions are nice, she is taking your stand. Pratik to Karan I know she is knowing me.

10:00 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Vidhi tells Akasa that I do know Pratik features a clean heart. Akasa says he’s really on the face.

11:00 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Pratik changes his clothes and says I used to be feeling uncomfortable. Akasa says you’re like me. I’m an excellent influencer. Vishal says you’re a good singer. Akasa says I would like to be an influencer. Vishal says don’t go down. Pratik says they’re at a decent place too. Vishal acts like crying and says don’t fight with me. I’m scared.

12 am Bigg boss 15 today episode
Vishal tells Simba that I don’t like OTT people, they act like they know everything. I prefer Shamita, she is good. Akasa says Nishant seems sweet to me. Vishal says I feel Pratik is simply playing a game. Nishant is additionally playing but he plays smart. Vishal says our Pratik is Afsana, she screams with no reason. I purchase irritated.

12:45 am Bigg boss 15 today episode
Donal tells Miesha that I’m happy about your reference to Pratik. Akasa says he’s her favorite. Akasa says I’ve got watched lots of Bigg Boss. Donal says you’ve got studied plenty.

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Bigg Boss 15 Day 3 review 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update

8 am Bigg boss 15 today episode
The inmates rouse to the song bach ke Raina re baba. all of them rise up and dance. Vishal dances with Nishant.

8:50 am Bigg boss 15 today episode
Vishal tells Tejasswi to simply trust people near her. I trust you and Jay. I favor Karan also. Vishal says we’ll play together. Tejasswi says sure.

9:15 am Bigg boss 15 today episode
Pratik says people have left dirty socks within the garden. He tells Nishant but he asks him to quiet down.

9:30 am Bigg boss 15 today episode
Pratik tells Miesha that you simply can’t keep clothes within the common area. Miesha says you’ll be able to ask the person. She asks Ishaan to place his shoes away. Ishaan says don’t touch it, I will be able to take it away. Pratik says it’s not an enormous deal. Pratik tells Miesha to not be extra nice, all of them need to take responsibility. Miesha says I’m like this, I don’t have a controversy.

12:45 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Does Pratik ask who left his shaker on the basin? Jay says we can’t babysit people, you’ll be able to ask around. Umar says you can’t run behind people. Does Vishal say if they left the shaker here then who are you tell I can’t drink here? Pratik says it’s about hygiene. Vishal says but I favor drinking here only. Pratik says I’m not creating a problem. Pratik asks Miesha to require care of things. Miesha asks him to relax, she is preparing. Pratik says fine and leaves. Vishal tells Jay that he doesn’t fight with me. Umar says if I would like to stay things here so who is he to inform us?

1:15 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Umar asks Pratik if he’s a watchman of this house? Pratik says we’ll get punished, have you ever watched Bigg Boss? Umar says I do know over you so stop irritating us. Jay tells Pratik to not act sort of a watchman, we are going to get punished if we do something wrong. Pratik says I didn’t call you wrong. Jay says you retain irritating people. Pratik says I used to not reprimand you. Vishal asks Pratik to prevent blabbering. Nishant says we’ve to follow Bigg Boss’s rules, you people can break it if you would like. Jay tells Pratik that I don’t have a private issue with you. Pratik says you’re taking it personally. Jay says I’m telling you to not irritate me anymore about other’s items. Pratik says I will be able to throw things away if you don’t move them. Vishal tells Nishant if I’m keeping my items in an exceedingly corner then what’s the issue? It’s clean also. Pratik tells Jay that I favor measuring with cleanliness. Jay says don’t raise your voice with me. Pratik says what about your tone? you’re not even being attentive to me. Jay says I’m not judging you, I used to be taking note of you last night. I don’t have animosity with you.

2:15 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that three OTT inmates came and brought a disaster for you. The disaster is that you just have lost your personal belongings, you’ll only keep your medical items while putting all of your personal items in a very cave. The responsibility is with Pratik, Nishant, and Shamita. Nishant asks everyone to bring their items. they are saying fine. Vidhi and Tejasswi try to cook and fire breakouts but they handle it. Shamita tells Pratik that girls have long hair so allow them to keep combs with them. Pratik says it’s not important for living. Nishant says we’ll do what Bigg Boss has asked us. It’s not essential. Pratik says they will keep a trimmer. Nishant says you can’t allow a trimmer and deny a comb. Pratik says fine. Shamita says you allowed a trimmer which isn’t fine. Nishant tells Pratik to simply take important items from them. Jay tells Afsana why did you hand over all of your items? Afsana says I don’t have any comb. Jay tells Pratik that take all of your shavers. Umar says I buy acne without shaving. Afsana says they’ll take all items. Vidhi says don’t talk against the team. Vidhi asks Afsana to not push her. Nishant tells them you people have some time but allow us to do our task.

3:00 pm Bigg boss 15 today episode
Afsana says Vidhi is acting like my mother, I didn’t push her. Afsana says I will be able to break your tongue. Vidhi says I used to be not reproval you but you go against your team. Tejasswi says she was just explaining to you. Afsana charges at Vidhi and says who are you to prevent me from talking? Donal tries to calm them down. Afsana tries to attack her. Karan pulls her back. Vishal shouts at them to prevent it. Vishal shouts at Afsans to beat her if you wish. Don’t threaten to hit her if you can’t. Tejasswi asks Afsans to do and touch her, we are standing up for her. Karan asks Vishal to settle down. Afshana shouts at Vishal. Vidhi tells Tejasswi she started shouting for no reason. Afsana says why was she is stopping me from talking? Vishal asks her to relax and hear me. I’m like your brother, right? She says fine. Vishal asks her to settle down. Afsana says but she can’t mess with me. all of them bring items to the garden. Afsana says Vidhi pushed me also. Vidhi says I didn’t touch you, you pushed me. Get lost. Afsana says you’ll do my work.


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