Bigg Boss 15 This Week Nominated Contestants List | Second Week Nominated Contestants.

So as we all know there is a task going on in Bigg boss 15 house which is basically a nomination task.

What is the task ?

So talking about the task this nomination task is very simple this task basically depends upon the contestants’ connection this task will be performed in pairs like 2 peoples in each pair where 1 person has to sacrifice his immunity or his or her favorite thing to like some memory or anything to get his partner safe in this week eviction.

Nominated contestants :

Talking about this week nominations so as we all know that all the jungle vasi is in danger and Nishant Pratik and Shamita Shetty are safe this weekend so talking about the nominated contestants this week so accept Miesha Karan Kundra and Simba Nagpal all the contestants are nominated in this weekend ka vaar nominations and high chances this week it will be a double eviction as most of the contestants were not ready to sacrifice their immunity both the contestants in pair have to lose their immunity.


So Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt are safe because they are in the main house and they were also the finalists of Bigg boss ott and talking about jungle vasi Simba Nagpal, Karan Kundra, and Miesha Iyer are safe from this weekend ka vaar eviction.

whom you want to see getting evicted on this weekend ka vaar share your views in the comment section box.


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