BTS member V tests positive for Covid-19. Get well soon Kim Tae-hyung

Kim Tae-hyung
Kim Tae-hyung
BTS member V tests positive

V tests positive for Covid-19. BTS V fans are pouring their genuine wishes for Kim Taehyung as Bighit Music refreshes ARMY on the wellbeing circumstance of the ‘Christmas Tree’ singer. As indicated by the amusement name.

On February fifteenth, BTS’s mark Bighit Music put out a definite announcement in regards to the current status of BTS V’s wellbeing who had before experienced indications like gentle fever and sore throat.


As indicated by Bighit Music, “V visited the medical clinic Tuesday evening on the fifteenth in the wake of encountering a gentle sore throat and took the PCR test. He was determined to have COVID-19 this evening.”

“V finished two rounds of COVID-19 immunizations and isn’t introducing any uncommon side effects other than a gentle fever and sore throat. He is as of now going through treatment at home while sitting tight for additional rules from the medical services specialists.”

Concerning other BTS individuals, the name informed, “There was contact with different individuals on Saturday the twelfth, yet everybody was wearing a cover, and there was no nearby contact. None of the BTS individuals other than V are introducing any manifestations, and everybody got adverse outcomes from the preplanned individual tests.”


‘Get Well Soon Taehyung’ arrived at Worldwide patterns promptly after Bighit Music wellbeing update surfaced as fans overflowed online media appealing to God for the ‘Winter Bear’ singer’s recuperation.

A fan expressed, “We’re appealing to God for Taehyung’s quick recuperation. Well-being and security start things out. Be careful and recuperate soon, Taetae. He’s the most grounded, he going to return more grounded! We love you taehyung. GET WELL SOON TAEHYUNG!”

A subsequent fan added, “We realize our Taehyungie is the most grounded kid ever and he’ll get well genuine soon! Continuously appealing to God for you our valuable Taehyung!”

A Third Fan Shared:

Another passionate tweet read, “wishing you a quick recuperation and get well soon Taehyung, sending you the greatest and hottest embrace, we love you to such an extent!”

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