Daily Best Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021| Stocks To Trade Tomorrow

Best Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021

In this post, our team suggests your Best Intraday Stocks on 26 October 2021. According to technical analytics and share market graph position, We are just guiding you. if you like to invest in intraday stocks at your risk. also, we are providing daily shares on technical basics so if you like the daily follow our page.

  • Tata Power
  • Chola
  • Hul
  • Bharat Forage

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5Sign the Agreement CopiesSharekhan
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Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021

1. Tata Power

Best Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021

Now In Days Last Tata Power At 213.55 Rs You can see at chart so our technical analytics and experience saying 26 October 2021 Market Will Open And Suppose Tata Power Breck 217 Rs support Break So You Are trading in Buying levels.

Buying Levels In Intraday trading 26 October 2021.

TATA POWER Buying Levels

Buy AT217
Target AT219, 223
Stop Loss AT214

TATA POWER Selling Levels

Sell AT210
Target AT208, 204
Stop Loss AT214

2. Chola

Best Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021

Chola Technical graph Was going to Down and also Now Chola Price At 576. Accoding To us Tuesday Chola Will Be Down At 574 to start the market So We are Trading In Selling Levels.

Sell At574
Target AT570, 566
Stop Loss AT579

3. HUL

Best Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021

Hindustan Unilever Graph in Price Will be going up day by day and according to technical analytics, Tuesday Market Start at 2465. So We are Providing you with Buy Limit Levels.

Buy AT2465
Target AT2472, 2482
Stop Loss AT2455

4. Bharat Forge

Best Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021

Accoding To technical analytics Bharat Forge Stock Tomorrow 26 October 2021 Both Possibility Price Up-Down also So We are Both Possibility Levels Provide in this post.

Bharat Forge Buying Levels

Buy AT766
Target AT770, 775
Stop Loss AT759

Bharat Forge Selling Levels

Sell AT755
Target AT750, 746
Stop Loss AT762

Most Important Tips For Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021

Intraday Stocks 26 October 2021 Top Pick Up TATA POWER and BHARAT FORGE.

Also, Know running days In Market Very Must Versatile So If having Limited Found so we suggest Not now invest Wait few days. After the Market is down, You can invest more and get profit more.

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Disclaimer: This is an Educational Initiative and is NOT registered under any SEBI regulations. All the information that we provide is just for educational purposes and you should consult your financial adviser before making any investment decision. Also, we do NOT provide any form of Stock Tips or Advise on stocks or portfolios. My All Trades Only Education Purpose. All trades will be at your risk. You have the responsibility of any trade or any benefit or loss.


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