Japanese woman who was harassed during Holi celebrations departs India

In the popular video, a group of males are shown groping a Japanese woman and wishing her a “Good Holi” while dousing her with colour. One of the males got smacked by the woman.

The Japanese woman who was allegedly groped by a group of men tweeted photos of holi celebration.
The Japanese lady who claims she was sexually harassed by a group of guys shared images of the Holi festival.

In response to the Holi-related harassment videos going viral, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, stated on Friday that the DCW will notify the Delhi Police to look into the recordings and apprehend those responsibly. Very disgusting behaviour, tweeted Swati Maliwal. Nevertheless, many social media users responded by claiming that some of the viral videos were outdated.

A Japanese Woman posted a video and then removed

A Japanese lady reportedly posted and then removed a video of herself being harassed by a group of guys in Delhi. No police report was filed. HT did not independently confirm the legitimacy of the video that was extensively circulated and criticised on social media.

The Delhi Police claimed to have seen the footage and written to the embassy to get the woman’s information. According to the police, who were quoted by ANI, information on the guys shown in the video is also being gathered.

“@NCWIndia has acknowledged. Chairman @sharmarekha has written to @CPDelhi requesting that a FIR be filed as soon as possible. NCW has also asked for an impartial inquiry to be conducted in a timely manner. The Commission must be informed of a thorough report,” the National Commission for Women tweeted.

In the popular video, the males touched her inappropriately and painted her. Even an egg was cracked on her head by one man. As seen in the video, the woman struggled to get away from the group of males.

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Yet she persisted in repeating “bye” and “bye” as she made an effort to leave that gathering. As one of the men touched her again, she gave a brief smile to the camera before slapping him and leaving.

NDTV also Shared this incident on Twitter.

Khushbu Sundar, a BJP politician and member of the National Commission for Women, tweeted: “Sickening. The lady is required to notify NCW.”

The Japanese woman tweeted pictures of the Holi festival. Numerous social media users urged her to contact the police in their comments in the reply area. One person questioned whether she was traumatised while playing Holi because she appeared pleased in the pictures. On March 8th, the pictures were published. The lady tweeted on March 9 that she was scheduled to travel to Bangladesh, but there was a mistake on the aeroplane ticket, so she would instead depart the next day, on March 10. According to reports, the woman was exploring India alone.

Richa Chadha, a Bollywood star, also responded to the popular Japanese woman’s video.

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