Karan Kundra Threatens And Using Pratik Sehajpal Bigg Boss 15

  • So guys I will tell you about how Karan Kundra is using Pratik sehajpal for the show Bigg boss 15 and how he threatens Pratik sehajpal about his career.

Karan Kundra Said You Were Under Me In Love School Season 3

  • In Bigg Boss, 15 house Karan Kundra told to the other contestants that Pratik use to work under him in love school season 3 and where he was the judge of the show and Pratik was just a contestant who was working under him in season 3 of love school.

Karan On Pratik Sehajpal Career

  • Karan also said Pratik came to the roadies show also where he was the judge and Pratik came to that show to give an interview for the show where he tried to impress all the judges but he couldn’t get selected there.

Kaean Threatens Pratik For His Career

  • Karan also said that Pratik you have to play with me and I will help you in your career and future where Karan also said that he and Vikas Gupta have very good connections so he can get Pratik sehajpal work at any show on MTV or if he will go against him or play against him then it will not be good for Pratik career.
  • Well I would like to tell you that Pratik was part of love school and roadies, where he has worked under Karan Kundra so what do you guys think, will Pratik sehajpal go against Karan Kundra and play his own game or will he be just Karan Kundra puppet in the entire season of Bigg boss 15.


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