PUBG ka Baap | Pubg का बाप कौन है और क्यों है? | Free Fire Vs Pubg Mobile

PUBG ka Baap
PUBG ka Baap

PUBG ka Baap

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PUBG ka Baap: Do you know who is the father of Pubg (Pubg ka Baap Kaun hai?) and why. There are many video games for android mobiles. One of them was the Pubg game which many people used to play. Although today Pubg has been banned in India, still many people play Pubg by installing a VPN.

But today we will tell you about such a game which is also the father of Pubg. When I first read this question about who is the father of Pubg, I was a little surprised. People are searching a lot on Google that “Pubg का बाप कौन है?” The first time I read this, I felt a bit strange because this question is a bit silly.

Later I understood that people want to know about a game that is also the father of Pubg, that is, a game that is better than Pubg Mobile. If you are also a Pubg Lover then you should know about Pubg Ka Baap.

Pubg is an Online Multiplayer Game created by Pubg Corporation. This company is a South Korean company. There are two versions of this game in which a Lite Version or a Beta Version. The full form of Pubg is Playerunknown’s Battleground. This game is played together with other players. This game is for 30 minutes and is played by 100 players. Each player uses his own action.

Pubg game is so famous due to its graphics and gameplay that it has more than 1 billion downloads worldwide. And is currently played by more than 1 crore people. Let us now know who is the father of Pubg?

Pubg का बाप कौन है? | PUBG ka Baap kaun hai?

Free Fire is considered the father of Pubg because it is the biggest alternative to Pubg. This is also an Action-Based Game like Pubg in which you have to kill the enemies by saving yourself alive. Youngsters not only in India but all over the world love Pubg and Free Fire. The mode of play of both Free Fire and Pubg is almost the same because the reward is received after winning both. The last player left in this game is called Winner.

Free Fire is the only game that currently gives tough competition to Pubg. In this, players come to the ground with the help of parachutes and join in the search of Weapons to kill the enemies. If seen, then both have almost the same Weapons. If the size of Pubg and Free Fire is compared, then the winner of Free Fire comes out here because its size is 600MB while the size of PUBG is 1 GB.

Free Fire Game Pubg का बाप क्यों है?

By the way, the way of playing both Free Fire and Pubg is the same. But there are some features of Free Fire that make Free Fire the winner and it is called the father of Pubg. Here are some specific reasons for that:

  1. The size of Free Fire is only 600MB, which is also available in a mobile with 1GB of RAM, while the size of Pubg Mobile is around 1.5GB and requires a smartphone with at least 4GB of RAM to play.
  2. Free Fire has been downloaded by around 500 million people worldwide while Pubg has only 100 million downloads.
  3. Free Fire has many great Weapons like MGL 140, M249, CG15, P90, MP40, UMP, MP5 and VSS while Pubg offers AKM, MK47, G36C etc. Weapons.
  4. There are many characters in Free Fire, and they are constantly being increased. Evo and Adam are two such characters that are used for free. The rest of the Character Diamonds can be bought by spending. On the other hand, very few characters are found in Pubg.
  5. The graphics of Free Fire looks like a cartoon which attracts children. On the other hand, Pubg has Realistic Graphics, which makes it less attractive to children.
  6. Free Fire is a fast game. In which 50 players are left on a beautiful continent to survive. The player becomes a winner by winning the game in 10 minutes. Second and Pubg runs for 30 minutes.
  7. Small maps are available in Free Fire, due to which the game ends quickly, and due to the large map of Pubg, it takes more time.
  8. When targeting an enemy in Free Fire, a red color symbol appears, which makes it easy to kill the enemies. But there is no such feature in Pubg.
  9. Free Fire is played only in some countries, yet its annual income is about one million dollars. While Pubg is played all over the world, yet its annual income is the same as Free Fire.
  10. Free Fire has more than 80 million active users while Pubg has more than 30 million active users.
  11. Booyah is available for winning Free Fire, while you get Chicken Dinner for winning Pubg.

Who is the Owner of Pubg?

Pubg is made in South Korea. Its developers have made it in collaboration with a South Korean video game company Bluehole. Pubg was created by Pubg corporation. The founder of Pubg Corporation is Chang Byung-gyu, who is said to be the owner of Pubg.

PUBG ka Baap FAQs

Where is Pubg’s company?

Pubg is a South Korean company. This game has been designed jointly by Brendan Greene and his co-workers. He was a resident of Ireland. He was fond of gaming from the beginning.

Who is the father of Call of Duty?

Free Fire and Pubg are considered to be the father of Call of Duty.

Who is the father of Free Fire?

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is also the father of the Free Fire game. It has been launched in India on 19 Aug 2021.

Final Words

Today in this post I told who is the father of Pubg (Pubg ka baap Kaun hai?). I hope you liked this post. If you got information from this post, then do share it with other people as well. Also, whatever question you have, tell us by commenting.


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