Shehnaaz Gill Now Posted After 2 Months Out Of Depression

Tu Mera Hai Sehnaaz Gill New Song
Tu Mera Hai Sehnaaz Gill New Song

So as we all know Shehnaaz Gill left all her social media handles when her loved one Siddarth Shukla died due to a heart attack and Shehnaaz was also getting featured in a movie with Daljit Dosanjh and one more song of her is coming very soon so after a lot of time almost 2 months she has posted for her song that her song is coming.

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Shehnaaz Gill

Today At 11:00 Am 28 October 2021 Shehnaaz Gill Share This beautiful picture on her Instagram profile and mention the caption is Tu Mera Hai Aur……..


So well as we all know Shehnaaz was is depressed when she lost Siddarth Shukla because she was in love with her and he apparently died and she also gets shocked when Siddarth Shukla passed away so because of that shock and because of that loss she was into depression she was not using any social media handles and she was apart from her work and wasn’t doing anything but now she has posted for the first time and huge possibilities that she is out of it now and she will gonna start working soon.

Shehnaaz Gill Upcoming Song With Siddharth Sukla

Well Shehnaaz gill has posted about her upcoming song as she started working again and start focusing on her work again she has also started posting and doing work and she has also posted about her song in which she will be featuring and we all also hope that she will also get out of it soon.

Shehnaaz Gill Upcoming Song With Siddharth Sukla Details


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