10 Foods that are Banned in US

1. Kinder Surprise Eggs - European Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs, which contain a non-edible toy inside, falls under that category.

2. Horse Meat - U.S. slaughterhouses once supplied horse meat to these countries, but now importing the meat and utilizing horse slaughterhouses are both illegal.

3. Shark fins- It is banned in the 11 states that once made up the majority of the shark fin market in America.

4. Japanese Puffer Fish- Consumption of the fish is almost entirely banned in the United States, with the exception of a few sellers who are permitted to have a license.

5. Haggis - It’s made with sheep lung, and the USDA has banned foods containing lungs since 1971.

6. Ackee Fruit - If it’s not ripened correctly, its toxins could release a surplus of glucose and dangerously drop the consumer’s blood sugar, which could end up being fatal.

7. Beluga caviar - This caviar comes from the wild Beluga sturgeon, but like some other foods on this list, it became so popular that it endangered the sturgeon population.

8. Sassafrass oil - Once used in root beer, the FDA banned this oil in 1960 over concerns that one of its main constituents, safrole, could cause cancer.

9. Casu Marzu - United States have banned the cheese for health reasons.

10. Ortolan - Eating this extremely small European bird is illegal in the U.S. and the E.U., and it’s even illegal to sell in France, all because of its decreasing population.

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