5 common puppy illnesses

When puppies get sick, it comes on quicker and takes them longer to get well than it does for adult dogs.

1. Parvovirus (parvo) - Parvovirus is something you’ll never want your pup to get.

2. Kennel cough - If you’ve ever boarded a dog, adopted a dog from a rescue, you’ve probably heard of kennel cough, which is commonly caused by Bordetella bacterium.

3. Distemper - Distemper is a serious disease a puppy can contract through airborne particles, contact with infected dogs, or exposure to an infected object.

4. Parasites - Parasites, such as worms and ticks, are a big reason dog owners are told to pick up after their dog’s poop.

5. Vomiting or diarrhea - This happen if a change in diet, a bacterial or viral infection, a parasite, the ingestion of something it shouldn’t have eaten, or stress.

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