Scientists have possibly cured HIV in a woman for the first time

Following a cutting-edge treatment four years ago, the “New York patient” is now off of HIV medication and remains “asymptomatic and healthy,” researchers say.

Their patient stepped into a rarified club that includes three men whom scientists have cured, or very likely cured, of HIV.

Researchers also know of two women whose own immune systems have, quite extraordinarily, apparently vanquished the virus.

Powerful antiretroviral drugs can control H.I.V., but a cure is key to ending the decades-old pandemic.

Worldwide, nearly 38 million people are living with H.I.V., and about 73 percent of them are receiving treatment.

There have only been two known cases of an H.I.V. cure so far.

Referred to as “The Berlin Patient,” Timothy Ray Brown stayed virus-free for 12 years, until he died in 2020 of cancer.

In 2019, another patient, later identified as Adam Castillejo, was reported to be cured of H.I.V., confirming that Mr. Brown’s case was not a fluke.

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