Amber Heard to sign multi-million dollar deal

Amber Heard is all set to write a 'tell all' book as she is 'broke' after losing the defamation case against Johnny Depp. 

Amber Heard will soon sign a deal to write a 'tell all' book, weeks after losing the defamation case against her ex-husband.

 she is 'broke' and considers that her 'career in Hollywood' is over. 

 Author-lawyer Dror Bikel has said that Amber should be 'extremely careful' as Johnny's lawyers will 'be reading and listening to everything'. 

Amber won one of the three maligning counts and was granted $2 million in punitive fees.

 Amber is 'broke' and not 'in a position to turn down money' for which she is set to take up the new venture.

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