Arian Moayed Is the King of New York

“I love New York,” Arian Moayed tells me over Zoom. “I’ve been in New York for over 20 years. I moved September 11, 2002, if you can believe that…. I’m, like, Mr. New York.”

Last year he put his Big Apple bona fides to the test onscreen, playing two filthy rich Manhattanites: Stewy Hosseini, Kendall

The criminal defense attorney who represented the now iconic “Fake German Heiress” Anna Delvey on the highly-anticipated Netflix series Inventing Anna, which hits the streamer February 11th.

“The one that I’m weirdly closest to in regards to class is Todd,”. Early in the series, the lawyer tells Anna Chlumsky’s Vivian Kent that he feels ‘”like a valet trying to help’ ma pay for rent.”

“That I understand,” says Moayed. “I was born in Iran. I grew up in an immigrant neighborhood. That was my upbringing. That’s who I grew up with. 

Moayed was brought into the world in Iran. His dad is a financier by calling. His folks left Iran following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The family gotten comfortable Glenview of Chicago.

Moayed moved on from Glenbrook South High School in 1998. He then, at that point, got a four year college education from Indiana University in 2002. During school, he showed up in Samuel Beckett.

Starting around 2018, Moayed has featured as Stewy Hosseini in HBO's Succession.

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