Cardi B’s Fans React After She Lashed Out at Troll

Cardi B got a blended response from her fans and devotees after she slammed a web-based savage who called her little girl 'autistic.'

A Twitter user wrote in a since deleted tweet that the Never Give Up singer’s girl Kulture is “literally austistic” adding,

“You’re on stan twitter instead of making sure she’s not sticking her finger in outlets.”

Responding to the tweet the rapper wrote, “My daughter is not autistic…You can’t call her ugly so y’all have to diagnose her wit her wit something.” “Go play in traffic (expletive),” she added.

The musician was then bombarded with tweets as some question her why she took “being autistic” as an insult.

“You have every right to defend your child,” a user wrote. “I'm just trying to understand why saying a child is autistic would be used as an insult.”

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