Chris Pratt Recalls His Miserable Audition For Avatar 

Chris Pratt spoke about his miserable auditions for Star Trek and Avatar. The actor recently appeared in Jurassic World Dominion, the third part of the JW franchise. 

It had a thunderous opening, but since then, it has seen a major fall in its box office. As of now, it has made $657 million globally.

Now, the actor is set to appear in Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder as Star-Lord. It was confirmed that a few GOTG characters will cameo in the Taika Waititi directorial.

It is the fourth portion of Thor's performance experience in the MCU and just had its reality debut.

While discussing Chris Pratt, the entertainer showed up on the SmartLess digital broadcast, where he shared his horrendous encounters trying out for Avatar and Star Trek.

"It was so not close that it was truly dispiriting and made me entirely question my true capacity or what I ought to go for the gold entertainer," Pratt said.

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