The family decided on the place of Evgenia Brik’s funeral

So, according to an insider, farewell to 40-year-old Evgenia Brik will take place in Los Angeles.

The source also emphasizes that it will be closed to a narrow circle of close people.

They will say goodbye in a narrow circle in Los Angeles, cremation will take place there, they will be buried later in Moscow.

It is not yet clear whether the farewell will be organized in Moscow.

The husband of Evgenia Brik, director Valery Todorovsky is still in the United States.

The first to report the death of a famous actress was journalist Ekaterina Gordeeva.

According to her, the Stilyag star struggled with the disease for many years, but did not want to talk about it.

Only close people knew that she was sick, so for many her death was a shock.

Yes, it only now became known, because no one knew about it, probably only the closest ones knew.

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