Ezra Miller Accused Again of Harassment & Assault

Ezra Miller as of late gotten into serious trouble again as Iceland lady approached and accused the entertainer of gagging her at a bar in 2020.

Addressing Variety on the state of namelessness, the lady claimed that she met The Flash star during the start of pandemic at a neighborhood bar.

Purportedly, the occurrence stood out as truly newsworthy as the recording of Miller setting the lady in a strangle hold became famous online quite a while back toward the beginning of April.

The woman in the video recalled inquiring Miller about wounds on his feet. The actor explained that they were “battle scars from a fight”.

She jokingly said to Miller, “I could take you in a fight” and then both decided to meet outside the bar.

The woman said that she was in a light mood however, the 27-year-old came all charged up.

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