Fastest Football Goals In History

Football is by far the most-watched sport in the world and is sometimes even called “The Beautiful Game”. It can, of course, light up the stadiums with a number of different surprises.

 It can take just a second to score a goal in and sometimes, even 90 minutes are not enough. When it comes to the fastest football goals, there are plenty of goals to choose from.

Speed is of the essence as we count down to the top 10 fastest goals in football history.

 Alan Shearer – 10.4 Seconds

Ledley King – 10 Seconds

Roy Makaay – 10 Seconds 

Tim Cahill – 8 Seconds

Shane Long – 7.69 Seconds

Rafael Leao – 6.2 Seconds

Jim Fryatt – 4 Seconds

 Nawaf Al-Abed – 2.4 Seconds

Marc Burrows – 2 Seconds

 Nicklas Bendtner – 1.8 Seconds

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