Gerard Pique Breaks Phone of Well-Known Press

Gerard Pique showed up more disturbed than any other time in the midst of his separation from Shakira as the footballer as of late broke a press photographer’s phone telephone.

The outlet also reported that Pique, during the confrontation, smashed the well-known photographer’s mobile phone. A programmer, presented by Maria Patino, brought Martin’s testimony to light.

"He threw my mobile phone to the ground and set off in his car, he broke several red lights," Martin said. "When Jordi asked him at the airport, he got angry again," Telecinco reported.

Meanwhile, things have not been easy for the Waka Waka hitmaker either since her split from Pique as she’s reportedly getting harassed and stalked.

Shakira’s brother Tonino Mebarak reportedly reached out to the police to denounce that there have been several suspicious men hanging outside her house.

To go by the reports, the stalker wrote message on her sidewalk on June 20. “I love you, beautiful woman. I’m coming for you, my love. I'm ready to marry you right now,” it read, reported Cheat Sheet.

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