Hayden Panettiere Weighs in on Her Abusive Relationship

Hayden Panettiere recently talked about how her ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson abused her for four years.

Hayden told PEOPLE magazine in a new interview, "It was a very dark and hard time in my life."

“But a lot of women go through what I went through, and I want people to know it’s OK to ask for help,” she remarked.

According to reports, the Nashville star started dating the real estate agent in 2018, when she was already hooked on alcohol and opioids.

“I wanted to party, I wanted to do everything I wasn’t supposed to do,” recalled the actress.

She added, “Acting was my life, but I felt so bad about myself that I lost trust in myself. And that is very detrimental. The idea of not having a responsibility was very appealing at the time.”


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