How to Help a Woman on her Period

Every woman goes with period every 28 days. Being a taboo in our society, the least a woman can ask for is her partner's support.

Put Her Period In Your Calendar: Woman's just love when their partner is considerate about their periods and remember their PMS-ing date. It shows how much you love us and care about us.

Help Her With The Work: It won’t kill you to help your partner with the chores. There is a lot going on in her body, you need to understand and give her the rest she deserves.

Do Not Blame Her For PMS-ing: She might be cranky, irritated, in a bad mood, or might have drastic mood swings; but that does not mean, you have to say it to her.

Be Prepared: Your partner might have some unreasonable cravings during her period, so be prepared to get her what she wants.

Massage And Cuddles: Cuddle her if she is crying for no reason, or even if she is happy. Just hug her so that she feels secure and safe amidst all the chaos her body is throwing at her.

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