Johnny Depp friend says ‘no Pirates of the Caribbean without Jack Sparrow’

Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean co-star and his companion of 20 years Greg Ellis has drilled down into the entertainer following his criticism preliminary against previous spouse Amber Heard.

Addressing the Fox News, Greg imparted about his companionship to Depp and his perspectives on Amber Heard-Johnny Depp decision.

The entertainer, 54 likewise talked long about Johnny Depp showing up in one more Pirates of the Caribbean film as Jack Sparrow.

About Depp-Heard preliminary, Gray said he was 'happy, releived and exceptionally profound' after the decision was reported.

About their friendship, Depp co-star said they have known each other for 20 years after they first met for a table read of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Speaking about a potential Pirates of the Caribbean film and Depp’s absence, Greg Ellis said there is ‘no Pirates of the Caribbean without Jack Sparrow.’

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