Kamila Valieva What is trimetazidine

Kamila Valieva tried positive for trimetazidine on 8 February. It is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency as it builds blood stream from the heart to the muscles and improves execution.

Russia has been dove into a crisp doping outrage after a young professional skater who left a mark on the world during her first Olympic appearance tried positive for a restricted substance.

Kamila Valieva, 15, made the record books at the Beijing Winter Games on 7 February when she turned into the very first lady to land a fourfold leap at the Olympics.

What is trimetazidine?

Trimetazidine is a metabolic medication used to treat angina and chest torment brought about by an absence of blood and oxygen supply to the heart.

It can likewise be utilized to diminish side effects of dizziness, tinnitus and obscured vision.

Kamila Valieva, from Kazan, southwest Russia, started skating at the time of only three.

Russia is as of now serving a global boycott for boundless state-supported doping throughout the Winter Games it facilitated in Sochi in 2014.

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