Kevin Hart Makes the Most of Lackluster Material

The Man From Toronto, a Netflix action-comedy starring Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart, is the kind of movie you forget almost the minute the end credits have rolled.

 two hours of moderate laughs rolled up in a tissue-thin plot that just barely qualifies as a distraction from the dreariness of life.

 This isn’t the sort of movie you would, or should, go out of your way to see. But if nothing else, it’s a showcase for one small blessing: the minor modern miracle of Hart’s timing.

Hart plays Teddy, a typical person from a spot the film calls Yorktown, USA, who can't get a break.

He reveres his significant other, Lori (Jasmine Mathews). However, he's one of those men who can simply never finish anything; he generally disregards some minor yet fundamental detail.

His most recent plan is a wellness routine he calls no-contact boxing, a discipline that is weighty on cardio however doesn't really include punching anybody.

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