Kristin Chenoweth react to Savannah Guthrie's daughter playing Glinda in school play

The role of Glinda has been brought to life by a long line of famous performers: Kristin Chenoweth, Megan Hilty, Brittney Johnson and more.

Now, they are joined by Savannah Guthrie's 7-year-old daughter Vale.

And on Wednesday's TODAY, Savannah shared the news with Chenoweth, who Vale calls the "OG Glinda."

"She tried out for her play, and she was cast as Glinda," Savannah said. "And she has been asking me ever since, 'Did you tell Miss Chenoweth?'"

As Savannah delivered the news, Chenoweth's jaw dropped, before letting out an excited scream as pictures from Vale's "big debut" rolled on the screen.

When Savannah first mentioned Vale, Chenoweth instantly remembered her, calling her "my clone."

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