Shakira gets harassed stalked after a breakup

Shakira is purportedly getting pestered and followed after her separation from Gerard Pique in the midst of focuses at her home.

Marca, hassling letters are being shipped off the Waka hitmaker's place in Barcelona as fans implore her to wed them.

Shakira's sibling Tonino Mebarak purportedly connected with the police to decry that there have been a few dubious men hanging outside her home.

 “I love you, beautiful woman. I’m coming for you, my love. I am ready to marry you right now,” it read, reported Cheat Sheet.

Meanwhile, it was also recently reported that Shakira wanted to take her kids to Miami for two months during their school holidays but the Spanish footballer refuse to grant her permission. 

Shakira gets harassed, stalked after breakup from Gerard Pique.

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