UEFA Champions League quarterfinal draw

The Champions League knockout stage is underway, as the top club teams in Europe battle for survival in the world's biggest yearly soccer event.

The quarterfinal draw for the 2022 Champions League tournament will take place on Friday, March 18.

The draw will occur at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland and will be streamed live by UEFA.

After the quarterfinal matches are set, UEFA will do the semifinal draw as well, paving a path for each club and who they can face in each remaining stage.

The draw will then conclude with determining which side of the bracket will be deemed the "home" team in the final,

for procedural purposes, despite the final taking place at a neutral venue.

At this point, with the Round of 16 yet to be completed, it's unclear which sides will be included in the Champions League quarterfinal draw.

The quarterfinals will be played in the span of a week in April, and we'll have our two finalists by May 4.

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