US Newspaper Apologises TikToker Khaby Lame

A US newspaper apologized for not using Khabane's name after he unseated Charli D'Amelio as top TikTok star with 142.8 million fans.

New York Post's original headline read, "Laid-off factory worker unseats Charli D'Amelio as top TikTok star with 142.8M fans."

Lame, 22, became the world’s top TikToker on Wednesday, officially overtaking American sensation Charli D’Amelio۔ Over 65K people retweeted user Dedee' post criticizing New York Post's headline.

Commenting on the paper's headline on Twitter, Dedee wrote, "Racism is when a black person achieved being the most followed on the most popular app at the moment, yet they’re seen as a factory worker.

She added, 'His name is Khaby Lame. The headline wasn’t made to congratulate Khaby, it was made to uplift a white person by saying a “nobody” surpassed them.

The most blatant form of prejudice in the media." New York Post then re-shared the story with an apology that read, "We apologize for not using Khabane Lame's name in our original headline."

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