Zachary Levi Reveals About His Depression

The Shazam! star opened up about his lifelong battle with anxiety and depression mainly because of “childhood trauma” and “self-doubt” in his acting career on Heart of the Matter podcast on Thursday.

“I didn't realise that I was struggling with these things until I was 37, about five years ago and I had a complete mental breakdown,” he revealed.

The actor recalled that the mental breakdown occurred after he moved to Austin, Texas.

“I was sitting in my truck, I was holding onto the wheel and I was just shaking back and forth. I am just weeping. I am just crying. I am like, 'God, help me,’” recollected the 41-year-old.

Zachary continued, “I had been in dark places in my life before, but I guess in those moments I had people around me.”

“The lies are whispering into my ear and the failure that I felt that I was enough to be like, ‘Zach, it doesn't feel like you're going to make it out of this,’” he shared about his suicidal thoughts.

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