Amber Heard Shops At Discount Store Post Defamation Verdict

Amber Heard, who owes Johnny Depp an amount of USD 8.4 million in penalties according to the slander decision, was as of late spotted shopping at a nearby bargain retailer.

Amber Heard has been getting consideration over and over following the maligning preliminary against their previous spouse Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard, whose legal counselors have said that she isn't fit for paying harm to ex Johnny Depp that he has been granted in their slander preliminary.

has now been spotted at a discount store. Amber's budget shopping comes soon after she faced questions about flying on a private jet, despite claiming financial crunch. 

Amber was seen shopping at a TJ Maxx, a discount department store, where clothes are available at a nominal price. 

Pictures got by TMZ showed Amber in a white-hued curiously large T-shirt, and some blue denim pants as she meandered around the dress segment.

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